Send Your Offers to 350,000+ Double Opt-In Subscribers
of the 40+ Most Active Safelists in a Minute

Email marketing is still the most powerful and cost-effective method to advertise online. That’s why a lot of Internet marketers and business owners use safelist mailers, which allow them to reach thousands of potential customers without having their own list.

However, if you have already used safelist mailers you know their main drawback. To be able to send your ad to hundreds of thousands of prospect you need to be registered on at least 20-25 of the most popular safelists, and then either to spend dozens of hours reading emails to earn mailing credits or pay hundreds of dollars to buy them.

Reward Mailer saves your time and money, and makes mailing
to all the most responsive safelists extremely easy.

To get your email ad delivered by Reward Mailer to hundreds of thousand internet marketers, home business owners and opportunity seekers, you only need do the following:

Then click the “Preview Your Message” button to see how your message will look and proceed to the mailing.

Compose Your Email Ad and Select Target Safelists

Some safelists on the right are temporarily disabled, because all the nearest mailing dates are already booked. If you want to send to some of them, please try again tomorrow or click the button under list on the right to order our 350K+ Super Mailing to the all top 40+ safelists.

Safelist Send To CTR Visits
European Safelist 17,000+ 0.69% 117
Free Safelist Mailer 45,000+ 0.08% 36
Pangea Group 69,000+ 0.09% 62
Active Safelist 15,000+ 0.34% 51
Classic Solo Mailer 1,000+ 3.06% 31
ListVolta 20,000+ 0.14% 28
Mail This List 2,200+ 1.61% 35
Herculist 79,000+ 0.09% 71
Tezzer Mail 2,000+ 4.88% 98
World Largest Safelist 7,000+ 0.91% 64
Instant Viral Mailer 1,000+ 2.8% 28
List Unlocked 3,000+ 1.63% 49
Northern Mailer 1,400+ 2.2% 31
ListSurfing 1,400+ 4.67% 65
Global Safelist 10,000+ 0.42% 42
Downline Maxx 800+ 5.14% 41
Traffic Leads 2 Income VM 3,000+ 0.81% 24
Land Marketing Mailer 2,500+ 0.53% 13
Fast List Mailer 5,000+ 1.23% 62
List Impact 3,700+ 2.31% 85
Legends Mailer 2,377+ 2.14% 51
100 Percent Mailer 3,400+ 2.79% 95
Top Tier Mailer 3,000+ 3.53% 106
AdTroopers 4,500+ 0.48% 22
Mister Safelist 2,900+ 2.61% 76
10x Mailer 4,200+ 2.11% 89
AdChiever 1,700+ 4.26% 72
WebBizInsider 4,522+ 1.81% 82
Viral Nugget 800+ 5.01% 40
Mailsy 4,000+ 1.8% 72
Build My Downlines 900+ 5.92% 53
Mail Our List 5,000+ 1.09% 55
ListBonus 1,500+ 1.75% 26
List Jumper 1,300+ 5.66% 74
Email Hog 4,000+ 2.72% 109
AdSolution Line 13,000+ 1.38% 179
ListAvail 2,200+ 3.82% 84
Bweeble 2,000+ 1.84% 37
Ads Messenger 3,000+ 1.95% 59
Send to – The minimum number of recipients of your ad
CTR - Average CTR according to our statistics.
Visits – Average number of visits according to our statistics.

Reward Mailer Recommends

How It Works

Reward Mailer has premium paid accounts with all popular safelist mailers, which gives us maximum mailing limits, much shorter sending periods, a lot of bonus mailing credits and 2-5 times higher reading and referrals rewards than with free accounts. We use these premium memberships to promote our network of marketing websites.

At the same time, there are so many of these resources that we have the opportunity to provide the surplus part at your disposal. We send your emails manually just like ours, spending unused credits and mailing time. This allows us to provide you with very affordable and quality service that you will not find anywhere else. Just submit your ad, select target lists, and watch how high-quality traffic comes to your site!

What Is a Safelist

A safelist is a membership site that allows its members to send email ads to each other. Any member can email their ads to all the members of the list, and in return he agrees to receive email ads from other members. These emails cannot be classified as spam, because each member has opted in and confirmed their email address.

Safelist mailers use a credit-based model, which means that members earn ad credits for reading emails and visiting advertised websites. They use earned credits to send ads to other members of the safelist or to place banner ads on the safelists pages. Most mailers also allow you to buy mailing credits at a price ranging from $1.00 to $30.00 per 10,000 emails.

Reach More Buyers

Most safelists have only a few hundred to several thousand active members. Moreover, they usually limit the ability of free account to enail to their entire list or to their paid members. This means that to send your emails to the full membership of the top safelists you need to have a paid account on most of them, which will cost you $400-500 per month.

Reward Mailer has premium paid accounts on most of the popular safelists. This allows us to deliver your message to their entire membership, including paid subscribers, which means that you will not only reach a much larger audience, but also a lot of proven buyers.

Save Your Time

Using safelist mailers is very time-consuming. First of all, in order to get results, you need to sign up for 30-40 of them. Then you need to earn mailing credits, reading thousands and thousands of emails, which takes dozens of hours. And, finally, you need to spend a few hours each time you send your emails to all the safelists.

With Reward Mailer it takes just a few minutes to do the same job that would otherwise require 20-30 hours of your valuable time. You only need to provide your email ad and select the safelists to which you want to send it, and then just watch how thousands of visitors come to your site!

Save Your Money

You can significantly reduce the time it takes to send your ads to safelists, if you buy mailing credits from them. The average price for larger safelists is 20-30 cents per 1000 letters, and for smaller ones 1000 emails costs $2.00-3.00. This means that sending 250,000 emails to the main safelists will cost you at least $ 250.

Reward Mailer allows you to save up to 80% of your budget. Since we already have premium accounts on all safelists for our own needs, we can offer you incredibly low prices. We have set them based on the conversion rate known to us so that the cost of sign-ups on your site is adequate.